"Authentic Picasso Artwork for Sale"

The Original Marina Picasso Estate Collection


Certified Pablo Picasso paintings...

To ensure total authenticity, each picasso fine art original print is signed and numbered in pencil by Marina Picasso and embossed with the estate and chromist's seals, along with the legend on the reverse "Approved by the heirs of Pablo Picasso". These rare and highly desirable art prints by Pablo Picasso have sold in galleries globally.

These hand-pulled Marina Picasso Estate Collection modern art lithographs have been produced on 100% rag “arches” paper, authorized and approved by the Pablo Picasso Estate.

Pencil signed and numbered by Picasso's heir, Pablo's grand-daughter, Marina Picasso.

Understand that these limited edition (500 numbered) are the professionally pulled prints and are “Not” to be confused with the additional 1000 'posters' subsequently distributed, which have the 'larger' (stamped) Picasso signature at bottom of poster.

The Posters are only worth twenty bucks or so.

These lithographs were created from the original Picasso paintings and have the 'approved' dry stamp on the back, along with the pertinent 'embossed' seal documenting the date of the original painting by the master, Pablo Picasso, along with the authorized copyright (gallery) purchaser.

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Marina Estate Collection Certificate of Picasso Artwork Authenticity

Limited Edition of Professionally Hand Pulled Marina Picasso Estate Collection Lithographs are now available from the vaults of collectors Michael Lofton and Raymond Hayward at Guaranteed valued prices.

Buy Picasso and leave room for an immediate investment return.